Jane Sorrell
CEO of LifeGuru, Inc.
Jane Sorrell is a transformational coach & intuitive life-alignment mentor. Jane is passionate about guiding others to access their power within and become the master of their own life. Healing the past and rapidly resolving deep rooted blocks and fears, people frequently experience quantum breakthroughs during her transformative one-on-one sessions. Highly dedicated to her own personal and spiritual development, over a ten-year period Jane undertook a journey of self-discovery and mastered the principles of self-transformation. Jane shares that we simply need to get out of our own way to let life fully shine! She teaches specific principles and methods, with practical and energetic integration, to detox the mind, expand the way we think and reconnect with our personal power.Jane’s transformational work has enabled her to regularly comment and feature in publications such as Spirit and Destiny Magazine, Women & Home, In The Moment, and Kindred Spirit. Working with clients both internationally and from her London based practice, Jane is committed to helping people function at their best and find more peace, wellbeing and happiness. For more information about Jane, please visit