Frequently Asked Questions
What is the American International Holding Corps ticker symbol?
Our common stock ticker symbol is AMIH.
What exchange does AMIH stock trade on?
AMIH common shares are traded OTC on the OTCQB.
How can I obtain the AMIH’s stock price?
Go to the Stock Info page on this web tab, or you may visit or other financial portals or stock brokerage apps or websites.
When was AMIH' initial public offering (IPO)?
Technically, AMIH has been a publicly traded company since 2004, however the current iteration of the Company has been public since April, 2012 via what’s known as a reverse merger and the ticker was changed to AMIH September 21, 2012.
Are you on a calendar or different fiscal year?
We are on a calendar year that ends December 31.
Who should I contact regarding lost or any changes to my stock certificate(s)?
You should contact AMIH's transfer agent American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (“AST”)

6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

AST's Call Center is open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM ET.
Shareholder Services:
(800) 937-5449 or (718) 921-8124
What is the AMIH CUSIP number?
When is the next Annual Shareholders Meeting?
The date for the next Annual Shareholders Meeting has yet to be determined. We will announce it and make its materials available to shareholders through the relevant filing with the SEC.
Where can I get information on the Company?
Our website, along with our SEC filings which are provided on our website, are the most comprehensive sources. Additionally, most of our portfolio companies have their own website. Also, see also our list of social media accounts, below.
Where can I get information about AMIH's Board of Directors?
Bios for our Management Team, Advisory Board and Board of Directors are listed on the Management page of this web tab.
Who is AMIH's independent auditor?
363 N. Sam Houston Parkway E.
Suite 650
Houston, TX 77060
Where can I get employment information?
When we have job openings, we will usually post them on the major national online job websites. We may, in the future, add a webpage devoted to job openings with AMIH or our portfolio (subsidiary) companies.
What year and where was AMIH incorporated?
The Company was incorporated in 1986 in the state of Nevada.
Is it possible for a shareholder to visit or tour AMIH?
Our offices are located at 7950 Legacy Drive, Suite 400 in Plano, TX 75024; however, because of pandemic related restrictions, we will not be accommodating any tours or in-person visits until 2022.  If you have questions about the Company, or for management, our investor relations contact is listed below.
Does AMIH have a direct stock purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment plan?
Does AMIH pay a dividend?
No, as a developmental stage company, AMIH plans to reinvest cash flow back into the business for the foreseeable future.
How can investors contact AMIH investor relations?
Contact Frank Benedetto
Phone: (619) 915-9422
How can I follow the Company on social media?
Twitter: amihcorp
Instagram: amihcorp
How can I get added to AMIH’s email list?
You can sign up for free e-mail alerts notifying you of new press releases, SEC filings and stock price info by going to the Corporate Overview page in this web tab and entering your email address and preferences in the box provided.