Alejandro Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer – Epiq MD, Inc.

Chief Strategy Officer – American International Holdings, Corp.
Alejandro Rodriguez is a renowned entrepreneur and executive with over twenty years of C-Level experience building and leading energy, sustainability, technology and financial companies. Mr. Rodriguez has successfully launched 6 different companies and has been collectively responsible for over $7 Billion in sales revenues over his career.

In addition to being a visionary and an operator throughout his successful career, Mr. Rodriguez has raised over $1 Billion in capital - ranging from early-stage capital at $1MM to $500MM from high-net-worth family offices to complicated structured finance transactions with Fortune 100 counter parties, along with several different types of institutional investors.  Over the course of his experiences, he’s held numerous C-Level offices, including CEO, CFO, and COO; moreover, Mr. Rodriguez is a proven systems architect, holding a portfolio of intellectual property including an environmental engineering platform, billing systems (CIS) and an energy trading and risk management platform (ETRM).

Some of Rodriguez’s career highlights include the following:
Despite very humble beginnings, Rodriguez has had the privilege of creating a powerful reputation as a strategist and esteemed business executive known for creating and delivering results. In the past, his peers have referred to him in publications as a “wunderkind” – this in large part due to the life hardship conditions that forced him to leave the tenth grade and begin full time work. Rodriguez received his GED in 1989, however, never attended college. In spite of these setbacks, Rodriguez has effectively held every C-Level office spanning Operations, Finance, IT and Sales in private and public company settings.

In 2020, after personally dealing with the effects of Covid-19 and begrudgingly sitting by witnessing family members and friends fall victim to the virus – Rodriguez began to shift is focus to healthcare. Upon coming to the realization that 76 million Americans do not have proper access to healthcare due to a lack of health insurance, Rodriguez conceived the vision and mission of Epiq MD, in doing so, he joined the team at American International Holdings Corp., initially as its Chief Strategy Officer.