Corporate Overview
AMIH: Investing in the Advancement of Humanity
Led by a seasoned management team, AMIH is an investor, developer and asset manager of primarily digitally based telehealth and virtual platform companies in the rapidly growing $4.2 trillion healthcare economy. Capitalizing on the global seismic shift to e-commerce and virtual services, the Company aims to bridge the various gaps within the healthcare landscape by bringing together curated primary and wellness care in an affordable, value-driven, direct-to-consumer subscription-based offering.

The AMIH mission is to create positive change for employers and the 43.4 percent of US adults ages 19 to 64 lacking adequate health care insurance – most of whom are middle class (ineligible for overburdened state services).  While a low-cost major medical insurance policy with a $10,000 deductible covers serious $100,000+ conditions like heart surgery, or cancer, it does not meet the average family’s needs for primary care, minor illness or injury.

Accordingly, AMIH targets the 82 million US residents without access to primary care, and their small business employers that cannot afford to provide adequate healthcare insurance.

AMIH fills a critical gap by providing affordable access to medical and mental healthcare practitioners, preventative health and wellness programs, discount driven prescriptions and diagnostic services, proprietary nutraceuticals, and related products and services.

As the pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods, AMIH recently announced its affordable, life-coaching services platform.
  • Targets the one in four US adults lacking primary care and their employers
  • Digitally focused, capital efficient and highly scalable
  • Subscription-based offerings lowers costs, drives recurring revenue
  • Synergistic: Multiple cross marketing opportunities
  • Lower cost of capital in public markets
  • Strong competitive advantage by being created in the digital “new normal” vs industry’s brick & mortar
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